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Re-Birth of the Temple

A statement from Pachamama Temple:

Dear friends of Pachamama Temple,

We hope that events in your life, over the last few challenging years, have given you opportunities for growth. For us at Pachamama Temple it has been a very difficult time since Covid, when like all centres, we had no choice but to close our doors in 2020.

We apologise for the lack of updates, but there were many times when we didn’t think we would make it through, and didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up only to let them down again.

With the doors closed for a few years, and having no income, the old temple buildings unfortunately began to fall into disrepair, and are now in need of demolition. They will ultimately make way for a new Shipibo school and cultural heritage site run by Mama Rosa’s family of Maestros.

In the financial and emotional pain of this closure, our good friend Dominik, who founded the Temple with the Maestros, decided that it was time to step back and seek help, to keep his dream alive, even if he wasn’t to be actively involved in it going forwards. We cannot express enough our respects for the hard work and passion that he put into Pachamama Temple for many challenging years.

Mother’s House took over the company last year, and is committed to rebuilding and growing Pachamama Temple, so that our wonderful family of Maestros can continue to give service to all.

Like all Ayahuasca stories, there is suffering, there is a challenging process, and then there is healing. The suffering is over thankfully. Now we are in our challenging phase, as we are working very hard, with the Maestros, building a new Temple deep in the jungle of the Shipibo heartland. We think you are all going to love the new location. It has its own private waterfall and lagoon, a huge beach on the river and high standard of ecological jungle accommodations.

We have been friends of Pachamama Temple for years, and we had regularly discussed with Dominik the potential of moving the Temple to the jungle. The old location had become too noisy for the type of deep ceremonies of our Maestros, that was clear, but the cost and hassle of building in the jungle was prohibitive, as was finding the right land to work with.

Thankfully the perfect piece of land in the jungle found us in 2018. Five hundred acres on the Ucayali river with a secret waterfall (named locally as La Campana, The Bell). The famous visionary artist, and our very good friend, Jorge Ramirez helped us find and buy the land.

We began planting Ayahuasca and Chakruna immediately, and now have over 2500 of each of them growing strongly for five years, with later plans for a full and comprehensive plantation of ‘master-plants’ for dieting.

We then planted ayahuasca just above the waterfall and lagoon, with the intention of ‘growing’ a sacred, natural maloca, which is effectively a vertical forest of 250 ayahuasca vines, growing around a light structure. It will be completed with a wooden floor and a thatched palm roof in Spring 2024, before we reopen.

Five years have passed so quickly since we planted her, and whilst she is still very young, she is quite something to behold. For many people It is a long way to travel to the jungle, however it is a worthwhile pilgrimage, even if it is only once in life there is no better way than to meet the Mother within her living Pachamama Temple.

Our current construction rate puts us somewhere around late April 2024 for our reopening. It won’t be absolutely perfect upon opening, so we will start softly, and the first two dietas in May will be reserved exclusively for old friends of the Temple. If you have drunk with the Maestros already, you may apply for one of those places, but space will be limited. Then from May to mid-October 2024 we will be open to all guests.

The jungle has a period of heavy rain from mid-October to mid January 2025, and so for those three months we are going to tour with the Maestros in several countries.

We are part of a larger group of retreat centres around the world, all sharing one purpose of healing and spiritual growth, (which will no doubt mirror your own if you have read this far), that will host the Maestros during the rainy seasons.

Mother's House is one of our group partners, established in 2018 in the Netherlands. They are setting new standards for plant-medicine retreats in Europe, and leading the way with profound experiences and a genuine commitment to participant care.

Visit: for more info

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